Employees spend majority of their time in office, most likely seated on a standard chair in front of a computer that is lodged on a bulky desk. This right here, needs to be changed. Offices could invest in high quality ergonomic chair that will adjust its height and also benefit the spinal cord by reliving pressure, increasing blood flow and eliminating the back pain of every working individual. For example, women face more calcium deficiency which results in reduced bone density when compared to men. Improper seating and work equipment further aggravates such health issues in women, who have desk based jobs.

Also, it is a known fact that majority of Indian women are of an average height. Therefore they need to raise their seats to comfortably work at their desk. This may work for some, but for others, it may either leave their feet hanging or rested on tip toes. This leads to an odd posture. To eliminate such discomfort, it is advisable to maintain some footrests which could be distributed as required. This would not only reduce the stress on posture but also enhance productivity.

 An ergonomic chair that is equipped to provide lumbar support and height adjustment is always recommended. Height adjustable and reconfigurable workstations or sit-stand desks would also be an added boon, as they would bring about more flexibility in a work space. Office furniture should be light-weight, easy to manoeuvre, stack and stow. New age collaborative furniture fulfills a lot of these expectations and users can reconfigure these as per their requirement.

Storage is another factor that needs to be considered, smaller drawers suitable for keeping files or stationery is not the only requirement. Women require space to store their personal belongings like handbags, laptop bags and other essentials. Keeping this in mind, offices could provide individual locker storage facilities for their women employees. This would portray the organisation as being sensitive to the unique requirements of both genders. Add in a few stylish yet spacious cabinets or some discreetly placed hooks at the desk. It’s about time we give the floor and back of the chairs a break from playing the role of a bag station.

Considering all this in mind , we provide complete solutions to corporate to make employees feel at ease and hence enhance productivity.

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